What to expect when you book a Newborn Session...

Many times, when a client books a newborn session it is their first time being part of such an experience and do not know what to expect. It is my goal to make this experience as relaxing (I know you are tired with a new baby!) and fun as possible. 

It starts before you even arrive for your session- we can either meet in person, talk over the phone, or simply communicate through email. I want to know what you envision for your newborn session- if you pinned some of your favorite photos, or what colors you love! These are YOUR photos and memories, I want to make sure they are tailored to you and your family. 

When you arrive for your session, you are given time to settle in and feed your baby if they need it. I try to stock up on everything you may need, just in case something gets forgotten at home. I have diapers, wipes, pacifiers, burp clothes, cold water, and snacks on hand.

Once you are ready, you can gently hand your baby to me and watch me pose your little one in cute set- ups and poses. Parents always have so much fun watching this part- I often hear "Oh my goodness, how cute" behind me while I am posing their baby. I often start with the baby bundled up in a beautiful wrap, as this gets them nice and cozy and off to sleep. Once the baby is sleepy, I begin unwrapping them. You can expect me to get multiple shots of your baby wrapped, half wrapped, and posed naked in buckets, baskets, and bowls. It is quite the experience for parents to watch this little being that they made be posed and wrapped so adorably. 

All the while, I am taking your new babies safety as a top priority. You worked hard for this little one and I would never risk their safety! Not only am I a registered nurse, but I have also been trained in person by some of the world's top newborn photographers. I've taken a workshop with Ana Brandt and have done one on one mentorship with Kelly Brown. This training has taught me how to get the cute photos of your baby while keeping them 100% safe. 

After your session is over, I hand edit the photos of your baby. So if you are scared to have newborn photos taken because your baby is jaundice or has flaky skin- no worries, I can fix all of that! About a week after your session, we will meet up again. This can take place at your home or in my studio- whichever is most convenient for you. At this time you will get to view and decide which of the photos of your beautiful baby you want. 

Babies have one job and that is to grow! They won't stay this small forever, it is such an incredible time to capture. What a gift to give your child, when they are adults they can see what they looked like as babies. It's a gift of a lifetime, when everything else changes you and your family will forever have these photos. I love photographing babies and making it such a fun, exciting experience for parents to see this being they created be photographed.